Monday, January 16, 2017


I cannot believe my last blog post was dated November 28.
 A lot has happened since then and then again not really much at all. December was a busy month around here-wrapping up some fall remodeling projects with clients and hosting Kennedy (my college aged daughter who lives in California now). It was a whirlwind of fun and family and bittersweet. My nephew Alex got married to an amazing soul mate...but it's a bit sad that the days of "cousins' outings and sleepovers are long gone. I enjoyed lots of quality time with Kennedy but I still cried like a stuck pig when she boarded the terminal to fly back 'home'.  Lots of happy mixed in with some sad. And the older I get, the more I realize that those mixed emotions are part of life and it's okay to feel both grateful and melancholy at the same time.
As a person who is usually very high or very low...I have been finding it a little surprising to be stuck somewhere in the in between. :)
I have been giving myself permission to be okay with that. 

I am praying that 2017 is going to be a year of "FAITH" for me. Hebrews 11:1 says "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see". 
I have felt my faith wavering lately with all this heartache in the world and my prayer has been that God would show me HE is WITH US, and living IN US and helping people THROUGH us. I pray the same for you this year...

 Switching gears from the mini-sermon, I thought I would show you the transformation of my friend/client Kylie's house. She is just the biggest sweetheart and she had me out last week on a rainy winter day to give her a little boost of confidence with her choices for her bathroom remodels. I couldn't help but snap a pic of the exterior to show you what can be done! Never judge a book by it's cover...or an exterior by it's facade. :) 

 She and her husband were struggling to find an exterior siding color that complimented the reddish/brown roof that was not going to be replaced. They wanted a siding color that had the complimentary cedar looking shakes to go with it and not all color choices have that. I suggested a white or creamy white (they had originally thought clay/tan) and away they ran with the design elements. Beautiful!!  The inside is as beautiful as the outside and I can't wait to post pics of the new bathrooms. We were in agreement with all selections. She did all the work, and I just said, "yes, yes, yes and yes". Decisions made. :)

I had a great month for my booth in November but probably because of my lack of marketing/instagramming/blogging- things were a bit slow for December. Ken and I just dropped off lots of new items and I have several more big pieces to bring in next week. Be sure to check things out and let me know if you're interested in any custom signs. Still firing those out on a weekly basis and will continue to as long as you guys keep asking. 

Here is a treasure hunt of other Not So Shabby finds scattered throughout the store. 

Signing off for now. Happy 2017!
-Melancholy me :)


Monday, November 28, 2016

880 bath and kitchen

This post is special to me because it's my home away from home. You've heard me prattle on about my best friend DC, (Debbi) for years now. These are some pics of her most recent master bath and kitchen remodel. She and Dave purchased this home around 8 years ago, and before that, I met DC helping her with her basement remodel in another house in this same neighborhood.

 From our initial consult and drive to The Home Depot in Grandville for cabinet layout almost 12 years ago, an inseparable friendship blossomed and she's been stuck with me, offering opinions not only in her personal life, but when it comes to home improvement projects as well. 
This was such a transformation and I wish I had taken better shots of the set up before.
(Lots of oak and an enormous corner tub which chewed up lots of visual real estate in the room):




We used Marty Hulst from Integrity Cabinets to come up with a vanity design and we hand picked a slab of granite from his connections in GR. Deb loves the cleaner look of the room with the undermount sink that still allows for lots of counter space and the sleek look of the freestanding tub. We had luxury vinyl tile installed in a wood look (my fave flooring ever)! which is waterproof and super practical, yet gives you the richness and warmth of wood. A brand new walk in shower was built by Duca Stone and Tile is another beautiful focal point in the small but now visually spacious looking room. The light fixture and drapes add a fun urban twist to an otherwise somewhat timeless and traditional look. She loves how the space looks and functions. 
Below, is a shot of the master bedroom before they moved in:
Oak trim, rose colored carpet and wallpaper. 

Again, I'm a much better decorator than I am a photographer, but here is the new wall color we chose for her updated master. It's a color called "Baby Elephant" from Clark & Kensington paint. It's a wonderfully deep 'greige' color and pairs nicely with the black repurposed door headboard that Ken and I made for her old house shortly after we met. 
Right after moving in. We had the built in's painted (previously oak but the trim wasn't touched until last year).

Newly painted creamy white trim, fresher grey/green wall color, a few new pieces of furniture, lamps and accessories. New drapes custom made by DC's incredibly talented mom, Nancy. 

Here below was a pic of the room immediately after they moved in. You can still see the oak entertainment center and original berber carpeting in the living room. We addressed those items immediately while keeping the wall color for a few years as it still seemed to work with her furnishings which were super transitional in style. 
Here is a pic of the intermediate changes that were made.. new carpet and wall art, drapes and a stint where against my bossy input, DC proceeded to paint the kitchen island her favorite shade of red (which she knows I have an aversion to). Our friendship has endured and survived much worse than that. :)
Here is the warm and cozy yet updated and fresh look of the room as it stands now. She not only has an incredible knack for making her home beautiful, but she makes it into a place where everyone always wants to be and that is NOT something that any designer can achieve for a homeowner. It's something that's in her heart. 
Lots of original oak
A few years ago, she ordered one of the farmstyle tables and benches that Ken and I make. This was a large one to fill the space and has accommodated many people, puzzles, card games, family dinners, potlucks and gatherings over the time it's been in place. 



Originally upon move in, we had the cabinets painted right away (Doyle-I can't remember his last name, painter) and the oak floor distressed and darkened to eliminate the honey yellow tones (Kendall DeLange from Bear Creek Wood Floors-amazing)! 
We left the original countertops to save money and the island has been painted various shades of chalk paint with glaze over the years. The most recent updates included a gorgeous new glass subway tile backsplash and quartz counters on the island and perimeter. We also talked her hubby Dave into having all the main floor trim painted creamy white which he ended up loving!
Deb didn't want to lose the warmth of the richer wall colors we had originally picked so we just tweaked them a bit to get a fresher look...I picked some grey/greens in varying degrees of intensity and we settled on a charcoal/taupe island paint color which we both love. 
I didn't get an after shot of this angle (above) but she has a beautiful armoire stainless fridge that occupies that space and we wrapped the backsplash glass tile behind the small counter area as well. 

Here's a little corner below (of that area).

Deb-Cat Hildy...what would I do without you and 880?? I love this place and I am so grateful for this profession that introduced us (although lots of others like to take credit for this match made in heaven). :) 
I'm sure as long as our friendship lasts, we will constantly be tweaking each other's lives and homes. Thanks for always opening yours up to me and countless others. What a refuge in this crazy world. 
Love you.